Climate change is an invisible, tasteless and odourless threat. Whilst awareness to the facts of global warming is rising and the general public would like to reduce their carbon footprint, doing so competes with other demands on disposable income and is generally perceived as a drain on financial resources. Hence nothing is done.

Our realization and differentiation is that the wider public will engage in CO2 footprint reduction measures, if such, are non-intrusive to their wallet and easily accessed.

This is what Verdabelo is all about. Our proposals are simple, effortless and cost-neutral, so that each homeowner can afford and benefit from our products.

Disruptive Sustainability – doing it differently

Disruptive sustainability is the key to Verdabelo’s business model within the annual 1.6 million unit UK heating boiler market, well known for its traditional way of doing business.

The core claim to sustainability comes from the “virtually no upfront cost”-replacement of inefficient heating systems by state-of-the-art-ones.

We disrupt by letting households pay for the energy saving retrofits effectively from their savings, and like Easy Jet, this is derived from a clean sheet approach to a stale business process.

By eliminating duplications, streamlining of processes, introducing standardisation and Internet distribution we achieve cost savings, which are the key driver to affordability for our clients.

Finally, by disposing of our Energy Savings agreements to a sustainability themed securitisations vehicle our” virtually no upfront cost proposition” of state-of-the-art heating systems, which includes a 10-year manufacturer warranty, becomes a “no brainer” and ensures peace of mind.

The Verdabelo Way, How it works -

Key engineering advancements in heating technology over the past 10 to 20 years, such as thermostats, computerisation and gas burner technology have leapfrogged. Applied in concert they can reduce consumption by around 50%.

By selecting a highly efficient and top-quality heating system solution, one can be assured that the equipment will last and deliver as promised, and the manufacturer will happily guarantee such.

  • Our engineers select from the best suppliers and then, through bulk purchasing agreements secure fair terms.
    • As such, we do not cut corners, but we only purchase top quality, at a manageable cost.
    • Standardisation and limited choice generate volume; hence we purchase at the lowest possible cost point.
  • In order to fund the retrofit, we sell our receivables to a sustainability focused funding vehicle, this removes credit risk from our balance sheet, and provides us with immediate cash to meet the costs of the install.

The state of the art technology reduces the energy consumption for our clients, this in turn reduces the utility outgoings, which releases cash to our consumers, cash that literally would have gone up in smoke. This so liberated cash is used to pay for the retrofits.

Simply put, in general the cost of the retrofit is paid from the savings achieved, and in some cases, it will release disposable income to the consumer

A win-win for wallet and the environment.

How we stand out – “it’s the volume stupid”

Our target is to reduce the volume of energy consumed. High CO2 emissions are the result of inefficient appliances which is the key driver behind a high utility bill.

The key is to do everything for the household in a one stop shop. These days’ consumers are spoilt. Our clients, simply apply from the comfort of their home for our retrofit and subject to their credit status, we will grant them a loan for the heating retrofit.

By carefully sourcing the best technology, the best installers and arranging for finance on top, we make the client experience an easy and safe process, executed by a firm which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority “FCA”


Verdabelo operates a consumer credit scheme allowing customers to spread their payments over several years. By refinancing our Energy Saving Agreements, through a strategic partner dedicated to sustainability based investments, Verdabelo is able to raise debt at preferential rates and use such to fund the proposed retrofits.

Low Operating Costs

We are a 21st century lean business with a small office footprint, making use of a combination of internet distribution, automated back office and high mobility.


We intend to become the nation’s leading means of supplying premium, state-of-the-art household energy efficiency infrastructure financed through the savings realised by reductions in consumption.

For the average household on a budget, we intend to be recognised as the best way to acquire premium technology without having to economise, juggle finances or apply for credit to high street banks.

We realised a few years ago that energy inefficiency is rampant throughout the country (if not the world).

All that is then needed, is to get the message out. Communicating in the field through local events, over social-media and by word-of-mouth, Verdabelo expects to gain local recognition first as being easy, delivering value-for-money and premium product.

To overcome inertia, Verdabelo emphasises;

  • Ease of implementation
  • A new boiler improves the resale value and appeal of a home
  • This being an ecologically positive action, in line with zeitgeist, increases community awareness

Through a carefully orchestrated set of articles, supported by consumers that have made the swap, the Verdabelo mood will gain visibility through social media, eventually reaching a national level.

Honing a moniker for environmental consciousness, Verdabelo should be seen as a catalyst helping to change the national CO2 footprint landscape for the better. As a crusader for C02 reduction this should give our company visibility.

What can our shareholders expect?

  • Stable returns derived from a sustainability driven business described by McKinsey as the “low hanging fruits on our path to sustainability”
  • Association with a company who has its customers at the centre of their strategy.
  • Key player in carbon emissions reduction
  • Increased adoption of green technology
  • A firm which drives greater awareness of alternative ways to implement energy conservation.