Mission Statement

Verdabelo aims to become a market leader in the cheapest energy available, “the saved energy”. What does not get burnt, will not emit, and will not cost you!

What We Do

Starting off with self-financing heating system retrofits, distributed via Verdabelo ESCO Ltd, we aim to develop a portfolio of companies which offer ways to foster energy conservation in the building sector. The building sector, due to emissions associated with heating, cooling and lighting, accounts for around 40% of global emissions.

The key to our business model is to create self-financing schemes whereby consumers exchange their inefficient equipment for a state-of-the-art one at no cost to them. We have identified inertia due to the financial cost to be a major stumbling block in reducing the household CO2 footprint. Efficient equipment reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

This is achieved by 5 key drivers:

  • Our engineers select the best technology solution, thus reducing choice and marketing noise, and focuses on the solution supplied.
  • We drive a hard but fair bargain with suppliers to achieve economies of scale and to reach the lowest possible cost point.
  • We pre-finance the expected savings thereby simplifying the consumer journey and eliminating the upfront cost, the major stumbling block in the major decision making process.
  • Similar to low cost carriers we believe in standardisation and in keeping our overheads low.
  • We pride ourselves on our independence from energy and equipment suppliers, allowing us flexibility in selecting the best solutions.

Key Operations Verdabelo ESCO Ltd

Our key operations are:-

  • A wholly owned subsidiary, authorised by the Financial conduct Authority in the UK “FCA”, focused on providing a one stop shop that manages the selection, the funding and installation of energy-saving heating equipment.
  • Since Q3 2016, the company has started rolling out its activity in the South of England and plans to take it national in the UK in Q2 2017 before replicating through other EU countries.
  • The company consults with policy makers and institutions who recognise the need for energy conservation and are seeking for vehicles that will motivate the general public to achieve the Paris Agreement (http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/2015/cop21/eng/l09.pdf)